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A recipient of the 2015 Emerging Cinematographer Award, Daniel has seen a lot of action in narrative features as a camera operator and lighting technician (Star Trek Into DarknessDjango Unchained and Mad Men). His recent work includes the breakout Danish drama Mens Vi Lever, nominated for five Danish academy awards in 2018 including Best Picture. Daniel has been featured in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and ICG Magazine for his work on the narrative short The Other Side and the feature documentary Seed.

Daniel takes pride in bringing the same level of passion to projects at every scale. When he’s not shooting, you can find him at the ballpark or at his hometown speakeasy movie theater.



Best Picture nomination, Mens Vi Lever, 2018 Danish Academy Awards
Emerging Cinematographer Award, International Cinematographers Guild
Mercedes-Benz Award, Bespoke, 2016 Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival
Best Cinematography, The Other Side, 2015 Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival

Director of Photography
2019 Kollision, Mehdi Avaz, Rocket Road Pictures
2018 Grow (Pilot), Mehdi Avaz, Rocket Road Pictures
2018 Plastik, Valerio Mazzarella, Red Velvet Productions
2017 Mens Vi Lever ("While We Live") Mehdi Avaz, Rocket Road Pictures
2017 L'Oreal, Jordan Freda, Giant Propeller
2017 Roemer, Drew Hoffman, Hoffman Films
2016 Mercedes-Benz "Bespoke," Ashley Avis Winters, Winterstone Pictures
2016 Max Louie & Herbie Hancock "Life" mv, Zamin Mirza
2016 Nick Carter "19 in 99" mv, Kevin Estrada, Two Bridges
2016 Dot Ave, Jason Yee, Dot Ave Productions
2016 The Oak Tree and Onigiri, Masanori Baba, Masayume Studios
2016 Open Campaign, Ben Lindemuth-McRobie & Sam Ritzenberg, My Godbrother Productions
2016 Dumb Luck, Zack Shada & Mikel McGinnis, ZCM Productions
2016 David, Dean Fleischer-Camp, Memory Productions (pick-ups)
2015 Jackie Chan: Down to Earth, Jackie Chan, Sparkle Roll Media
2015 The Parkers: A Prologue, Amara Cash, Under 1 Roof Productions
2015 The wHOLE, Ramon Hamilton, Think Ten Media Group
2015 Making It, Adam Neutzsky-Wulff & Mehdi Avaz, Crossing Lines Pictures
2015 Cilantro, Mehdi Avaz, Balloon Films
2015 Seed, Masanori Baba, Masayume Studios
2015 Lieutenant "Believe the Squalor" mv, Matt Kubas, Therapy Studios
2014 The Other Side, Akiko Izumitani, Athena Productions
2014 Love Arcadia, Lawrence Gan, Zoblii Productions
2014 I Can't Get Laid in my Dreams, Ben Lindemuth-McRobie & Sam Ritzenberg, My Godbrother Productions
2014 Famous in Flagstaff, Ben Lindemuth-McRobie & Sam Ritzenberg, My Godbrother Productions
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2005 Persephone, Jared Fine, Define Media
2005 Code Red Alert, Andy Whitaker, Chapman Films
2004 The Hoeniker Experiment, Robert Glickert, Chapman Films
2004 Don't Judge a Book, Mike Murrieta, ComicCon Pics

Camera Op
2016-2018 This is Us, NBC
2016 Tecate Commercial, Rodrigo Garcia Saiz, Central Films North
2016 On the Way to Lovetown, Mariya Pyter, Magic Hour Productions
2015 The Part-Timers, Laura Murphy, YouTube
2015 Better, Dumber, Faster: with Kurt Braunohler, Dean Fleischer-Camp & Nick Paley, Bacon Bar Productions
2015 Rough Draft with Reza Aslan, Emiliano Zapata, Contend
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2007 Cooking Outside the Box, Nelson Lee, Bravo
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2006 The Descendent, Robert Glickert, Chapman Films

2017 The Fate of the Furious, F. Gary Gray, Universal Pictures
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2015 Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm
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2008 Seven Pounds, Gabriele Muccino, Columbia Pictures