Nick Carter music video "19 in 99"

When a rare spout of bad weather in Los Angeles dashed plans to shoot Nick Carter's new music video "19 in 99" in different sunshiny parts of the city named in the song (Santa Monica beach, Hollywood, etc) director Kevin Estrada, producer Paul Bock and I went back to the drawing board. Instead, we found a nice suburban home and pondered what a mundane husband/father would do when reminiscing about his carefree days with the house to himself. Pack that with cameos from AJ Mclean, a high-key poolside performance and a few shoutouts to the Backstreet Boys and you've got yourself a video!  

The day was completely overcast and rainy but we still wanted the feeling of a bright throwback song. We shot on the RED Epic Dragon at 4k, using 120fps for several of the story beats in the house. We keyed Nick primarily with a Skypanel S60-C and chimera with 1/4 CTO which was quite handy to use for quick resets with limited grip support. For the pool performance, we used 800 Jokers as cross-backlight, one of which was manned to pan on and off the pool for a moving flare light. For the rooftop sequence, we put an Arri M18 in-frame to act as a sun flare and removed the edges of the light in our color grade. Enjoy!